What is Bigcommerce?

BigCommerce is a dependable platform; we haven’t had to do much maintenance since launch, which allows us to focus on improving our online store. At the speed of your business, seize market opportunities and unleash new experiences. Create rich content experiences no matter where your audience takes you.

Take your BigCommerce store to the next level with these helpful tips:

Your BigCommerce website can be created, customized, upgraded, secured, or scaled. We’ll use the best features to customize your BigCommerce store to your preferences. The BigCommerce website will be aligned with your company’s goals.BigCommerce has a lot of advantages.BigCommerce is a SaaS-based eCommerce platform with a number of built-in features and functionalities that make it simple for merchants to run a robust and fully BigCommerce Development store.

Why should you hire Sruta to work on your BigCommerce project?

Sruta has extensive experience managing difficult BigCommerce development projects in a variety of industries and business types (B2B/B2C). Our BigCommerce certified developers are used to working on complicated websites that take a lot of planning, development, and time. All of our bigcommerce development services are designed to help you simplify, streamline, and grow your online store.

We are the most dependable BigCommerce development company because of our familiarity, knowledge, abilities, and resources. From strategy to a roadmap to prototyping to development and implementation, our development experts meticulously manage each project to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Sruta assists you in achieving your specific business objectives and maximizing your return on investment. Our clients have only been happy and satisfied after working with us.

The Project Management Process at sruta

Discovery, planning, design, development, support, and optimization are all clearly defined phases in sruta’s systematically strategized and executed projects. Iterations are built into the phases to allow for flexibility and learning while reducing the risk of time and scope creep while keeping costs and timelines in check. The client can use either of these options depending on their budget and other preferences.

Our BigCommerce SEO experts use the Adaptive Agile Build method in a fast and effective manner. It’s made to give you the best possible results in a slightly shorter amount of time. Regardless of how fast the process is, we do not compromise on the quality of our work. The project is broken down into five stages: discovery, planning, design, construction, and delivery.

The agile approach incorporates all of sruta’s advanced and holistic strategies, such as client interviews and surveys to better understand the business, issues, and challenges before developing a roadmap, compatibility check, and development, where our experts work meticulously to speed up the process for timely completion. The completed project will be delivered to your satisfaction during the final delivery phase.

Another development discipline that takes a comprehensive and detailed approach is the Adaptive Hybrid Build process. The discovery, planning, design, build, and delivery phases are all included in the Adaptive Hybrid process. Nothing, however, is time-bound in the agile methodology. Our experts devote countless hours to planning, strategy, and preparation in order to meet the needs of every human who interacts with your BigCommerce store.

This process includes a client interview and a digital roadmap, but it also includes iterations to improve results. It also includes prototyping to give you a better idea of what your website will look like. The BigCommerce development and quality assurance processes are also far more advanced. The website will go live according to your specifications during the final delivery phase, delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions about BigCommerce Development (FAQ)

The amount of time (duration) needed to complete a project from strategy to development to implementation will vary depending on its nature. Because cosmetic changes take less time, the overall completion time is reduced. Heavy-duty integrations and other complex changes, on the other hand, will require a longer project cycle. You can rest assured that we will deliver high-quality work on time.

We do, in fact. Following the staging release, we will provide you with up to 2 hours of training. You can count on Sruta a leading Bigcommerce development company, to help you even after the project is completed.

Sruta follows and adheres to a model that allows for constant communication with our clients as well as complete transparency. As a result, the project manager assigned to you will always be available to keep you informed about the progress. You can reach out to the Manager via any communication channel you prefer, including Skype, email, phone, and instant messenger tools.

Sruta does not require any work to be outsourced. All work will be completed by our BigCommerce Web developers, who will be fully responsible and accountable.

Yes. We’ll look at your company’s needs, customers, industry, inventory, and other factors to come up with a visually appealing, SEO-friendly, and responsive theme that matches your brand identity. Custom features can also be added to your website by our design and bigcommerce seo agency.

Yes. We respect client confidentiality as a trusted Bigcommerce development company, and we take full responsibility for all sensitive information, documents, and other confidential files shared with us.

We hope you have received all the necessary information.