What is Managed IT services?

Managed IT services permit businesses to delegate their IT operations to Associate in Nursing skilled third-party organization that makes a speciality of handling these responsibilities. These third-party organizations, called managed service suppliers (MSPs), ar accountable for everything or parts of a business’ IT systems, as arranged during a Service Level Agreement (SLA). IT instrumentality is usually procured by the shopper, and counting on the SLA, MSPs could give uninterrupted watching, issue resolution and reportage, and more.

According to the SLA, MSPs charge a flat fee for delivery of their services over a group amount of your time. The SLA defines precisely what services are going to be appointed and therefore the degree they’re going to be offered, likewise as metrics for measure the success of those services.

Cloud computing has allowed managed IT services to expand on the far side the regions and borders that will constrain the common break/fix IT through the adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies, likewise as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) conjointly. These capabilities permit managed IT services to scale at a rate dramatically larger and quicker than in-house IT operation or break/fix suppliers.

Benefits of Managed IT services

Through outsourcing managed IT services, SMBs square measure ready to reap the advantages of receiving IT support at a considerably reduced price compared to making a comparable team in-house. in addition, MSPs can even provide a wealth of expertise from actively managing multiple consumer accounts that in-house groups wouldn’t jointly have.

Additionally, by victimization associate MSP organizations square measure ready to forecast their monthly, quarterly, and yearly expenditure thereon, and square measure free of having to specialize in this space of operational readiness. this enables SMBs to specialize in growing their business without fear regarding day-after-day IT problems or needs.

Another profit to managed IT services may be a bigger chance for security experience and with success enacted security policies. MSPs work with standards like PCI compliance day in, day out, and will be ready to steer your organization inside the parameters and laws it must adhere to. for a few organizations, particularly in finance, healthcare, educations, and different industries, this sort of restrictive compliance is necessary for the IT portion of their business, and needs the experience and skill that a managed service supplier offers. MSPs will mitigate risk during this approach whereas reassuring that the specialists guilty of your IT operations square measure continually up up to now on the newest info, technologies and processes that may keep your infrastructure operating with efficiency and with success into the longer term.

IT Backup and Disaster Recovery

Many firms notice themselves turning out short in backup and disaster recovery designing. A managed IT service resolution will facilitate secure and manage your information confidently.

Managed Network

Your network infrastructure has to be secure, up-to-date and operational at the speed of business. With managed network services, OneNeck will assist you build, maintain or upgrade your network to fulfill necessities these days and into the long run.

Managed IT Systems

Having complete confidence in your IT systems could be a should. OneNeck’s managed IT services will administer and manage your IT systems, whereas your IT professionals concentrate on a lot of strategic initiatives.

Managed Security Services

In today’s fast world, it’s troubled to stay up with security considerations. Between a growing variety of devices on the network, compliance necessities and pressure from business stakeholders to stay important knowledge safe, there’s no area for error.

Enterprise Applications

ERP application management are often difficult and long. OneNeck offers end-to-end cloud and managed IT services for Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle EbS and SAP environments, providing you with one purpose of answerability.

Collaboration Solutions

Effective collaboration has become crucial in today’s work setting wherever staff area unit geographically distributed. OneNeck will facilitate get the foremost out of your collaboration tools with custom solutions.

Managed Storage

Your information is mission-critical. making certain 24/7 access is preponderating. we will offer you with versatile, accessible, secure and cheap managed IT storage services to fulfill your capability and performance needs.

Managed Database

Database administration, info mend, info upgrades, performance analysis and standardization is very resource intensive. With a managed info answer, you’ll devote less IT resources to routine maintenance and troubleshooting.


Virtual workforce provides complete end-to-end IT solutions in Web / Software / App development from requirement gathering to deployment.

Mobile App Development

A business can either build its own custom mobile application or buy one of the many third-party products available in the market.

Why Choose Sruta Technologies Managed IT Services?

Businesses and organizations like yours, across varied industries, choose our managed IT services to regulate their technology overhead so that they will boost their productivity. once considering managed IT services, if any of the things listed below apply to your business, it’s time to contact Sruta Technologies.

The organization lacks efficiency and productivity.

Business automation processes are long overdue

Regulation compliance and data privacy issues are lacking

Need to cut technology expenses

Move away from break-fix remedies

Internal IT department is overloaded

No in-house technical expertise or ongoing training

Want to create future benefits and reduce operating costs

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Who we are?

Sruta Technologies is a US Based IT Development and Digital Marketing Company. We are a Managed IT service provider, which includes managed services like onsite IT support, remote IT help desk, remote IT support, Computer IT support, managed security services, managed network switch,  infrastructure and network maintenance/troubleshooting and so much more.


The Basics

Managed services in IT, provided by a “Managed Services Provider” (MSP), are one of the leading ways modern businesses keep their IT systems secure from cyberthreats. Typically, managed services in IT include around-the-clock cyberthreat monitoring and prevention, after-hours security patching and updates, and detailed reporting on IT security over a specified timeframe (like a month). Beyond that, most MSPs provide additional services, such as on-site support, business continuity, or software licensing management, but all MSPs are different. It’s best to ask every MSP what they offer.

There’s no such thing as “standardized pricing” for managed IT services because many MSPs intentionally make it hard to understand what they offer. In many cases, comparing MSPs in terms of price can feel like comparing apples and… orangutans. To find the right MSP at the right price for your needs, your best bet is to find the rare MSP that offers all-in, fixed-fee pricing with no hidden costs. When you find that combo, give yourself a high five for your awesome research skills.

…By the way, Interplay happens to offer exactly that combo (plus endless free high fives), so you know where to start looking.

The main benefits of managed IT services are peace of mind and lower overall technology costs. Peace of mind because you know that your data is secure from ~99% of cyberattacks (there’s no such thing as 100% security) and because you can call for IT support any time you need it. The lower overall costs often surprise business leaders who don’t realize that data breaches, non-compliance, and business downtime are costly. When it comes to managed IT services, an ounce of prevention is more cost-effective than a pound of cure.

How to choose

Simply put: most organizations use managed IT services because modern cybersecurity is a pain in the neck. Securing your networks and devices takes constant attention to the most minuscule details on a daily basis. Cybersecurity has high stakes too: even one single missed detail has the potential to let malicious hackers into your systems. Even if you have an in-house IT team to handle your business technology, they might not have the time to painstakingly focus on security day in and day out. Most in-house teams are too busy putting out fires to keep up with comprehensive cybersecurity.

We’re not gonna lie: it takes time and hard work to choose a managed IT services provider – but there are ways you can speed up the process. Start by identifying which IT services you need (such as business continuity, software licensing, or mobile device management), compile a short list of MSPs that provide those services, and then start making calls and taking notes. Handy tips: (1) Call the MSPs that other business leaders recommend, (2) Don’t call the MSPs that other business leaders hate.