Outsource HR services to Virtual Workforce

The human resources are the person who is part of the organization. That’s role are direct employees, the part-time persons, temporary employees or consultants or any person or persons with a variety of other relationships to the organization.

  • VW makes great sense to outsource civil resource services to dedicated HR professional from Virtual Workforce. We have a huge talent pool of human resource experts who not only deliver the best solutions for your needs, but also help you save considerable cost.
  • Whatever you required payroll management, compensation planning, compliance, incentive & retention management or HR audits. We have best experts who will work for you delicately and professionally.

Human Resource Management outsourcing processors have been divided two broad categories

We provide expertise in Human Resource Generalist including

  • Candidate sourcing and interviewing
  • Employee training & development
  • Compensation management
  • Payroll
  • Labor Laws
  • Virtual help desk assistants

The job of recruitment involves arranging interview, selection of candidates, etc.

  • Candidates Interview
  • Recruitment
  • Job Description Writing
  • Resume sourcing
  • Resume Editing

Our Loyal Human Resource Experts help to you

  • Reduce costly error
  • Manage all types of payroll
  • Smooth running
  • Meet your manpower requirements
  • Plan your workforce

Roles Modern HR Professionals Play

  • Manager of Employee Engagement
  • Promoter of continuous learning
  • Diversity officer
  • Mindset coach
  • Talent & Repertoire Manager