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    The Hospitality Industry is witnessing a dramatic transformation of Ultra Modernization, Globalizations. Convergence of the entire Ecosystem, including Hospitality companies, vendors, service providers, and other intermediaries with the Guest/Traveller at the center, is driving this journey. There is a definite shift from the outdated fee-for-service models to a more Guest/Traveller-centric, value-based, and affordable approach.


    The aim is to connect people to businesses with the use of best available technology and accessive easy platform that also saves time and energy.

    At Sruta Technologies, we believe in 4E Hospitality Approach – Experience, Expertise, Egnagement and Excellence.

    Experience:Our staff has more than 10 years of experience working in Hospitality industry and brings great knowledge that can provide time bound solutions and service centric approach.

    Expertise:Expertise comes from Experience and passion to learn. We have dedicated team of experts having more than 10 years of experience in management, design and delivery.

    Engagement:Hospitality industry needs contant engagement and relationship with guests/travellers, which will improve their satisfaction and meet expectations.

    Excellence:Excellence is the key component for success in any hospitality business and this can only achieved by all other 3E(Experience, Expertise, Engagement) together.