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Future Of Visual Content

One of only 26 Canva Verified Experts worldwide, Donna helps brands, companies, and artists harness the power of visual storytelling in their work. She teaches non-designers how to use Canva to make stunning pictures. She is a representative for the Canva Creator programme as well as a Canva Creator of templates that are available in the Canva library. In the marketing and travel sectors, Donna is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer. Her articles have appeared in magazines including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Social Media Examiner.

1.what Inspired you to focus your business on visual storytelling and visual content creation?

I was assisting several small businesses with their social media marketing plans. With minimal knowledge of graphic design and few resources available to them, they all struggled to meet the rising expectation that they needed to make interesting visuals to publish on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Adobe was too hard, but tools for non-designers like Picmonkey (hallelujah!) were beginning to appear, making it simpler for them to make DIY graphics.By the time Canva was introduced in 2013, I had completely bought into the value of graphics. Before Canva became public, I was among the initial few hundred “beta” users and I adored it. It was a tremendous success to have readily available DIY design tools that would enable non-designers to rapidly and simply produce images. Therefore, it was a logical progression for me to change the focus of my blog, Socially Sorted, and my company to assist non-designers (business owners, social media managers, and content creators) in learning how to communicate stories visually and create stunning graphics utilising DIY design tools.

2.How important is visual in content marketing?

Given that we consume so much information visually, visual material is crucial to marketing. Given that we have been telling stories and communicating visually for generations, it makes logical. Due to the growing popularity of online video for communication and engagement, it is now more crucial than ever. The epidemic only served to accelerate the increase of video during the past couple of years, according to Cisco, which continues to forecast that 82% or more of our internet traffic will be video year after year (from video to Zoom to live video).As a “catalyst for trust,” visual material is crucial. When your target audience views your photos, movies, infographics, and live videos, they are spending time with your brand visually and developing an affinity for your material. This advances the connection so that they may get to know you, gain your trust, and ultimately work with you or promote your brand.It’s probably also important to address the fallacy that all people have limited attention spans. I believe the main issue is the constant barrage of material that we get. Because we have to decide quickly what to interact with, video is becoming increasingly popular among customers. A significant aspect of conducting company in 2022 will be being able to provide content that draws people in and inspires them to connect with you.Therefore, as we conduct more business online, there is a greater need for brands and companies to become “visual storytellers” and provide visual content. We must be able to deploy swiftly and provide images with ease, which necessitates producing far more material internally than outside.

3.Do you think all digital marketers should acquire some level of designing skills?

Using the aforementioned advice, you can quickly generate images without having to master certain “design” abilities, especially if you utilise templates as your model. The benefit is that, if you utilise DIY design software tools over time, you can end up learning some fundamental design principles. But as a digital marketer, you don’t need to be a designer to produce stunning pictures.However, if you have a creative bent and want to advance your design abilities, then YES, you may do so without becoming a designer. It might be enjoyable to do some simple design exercises to improve your understanding and application of layout, alignment, hierarchy, and the overall coherence of a design.Canva’s Design School provides a fantastic video collection that makes it easy to get started. For design advice for non-designers, you may also read my blog. Just keep in mind that templates are always there to assist you, so you don’t need to “be a designer” to produce stunning pictures.

4.What do you think will be the big trends in terms of visual content for businesses in 2023?

The following three aesthetic trends, in my opinion, will be significant for businesses in 2023:

1.Short form video

There’s no denying that short-form vertical video is here to stay, even while I will always extol the virtues of long-form video content for search and SEO (I’m looking at you, YouTube). Short form video content creation is a key ability for digital marketers, and platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels will continue this trend.

2.Nimble Teams

To succeed in the internet age, we must provide pictures swiftly. Both small and big teams may simply and efficiently produce visual content by utilising team tools like brand kits, templates, and processes. By doing this, the bottleneck of constantly outsourcing design or content generation will be lessened.

3.User Generated Content

I really believe in the potential of user-generated content, in which consumers provide unique material about their favourite brands or products. We are starting to see a lot more of these sorts of videos on platforms like TikTok where the graphics don’t have to be flawless and polished. It is more real and less refined visual material. I think all businesses should incorporate user-generated content  into their overall marketing plans, and a tool like Brand24 can be excellent for monitoring internet mentions. It’s astonishing how much fantastic stuff may be overlooked if you don’t know where to look!

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