Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Bigcommerce Review – 10 Reasons Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Trust Their E-commerce Software

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Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Bigcommerce Review – 10 Reasons Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Trust Their E-commerce Software

BigCommerce is a for-profit, ‘hosted’ e-commerce platform that enables business owners to create an online store and sell their wares online.

BigCommerce is ‘hosted,’ which means it runs on its own servers and does not require you to purchase web hosting or instal anything on your computer in order to use it. You can design and maintain your store from anywhere as long as you have access to a web browser and the internet.

It’s a software as a service (SaaS) product, which means you don’t have ownership of the software. To use it, you must pay a monthly charge.

The programme includes a variety of customisable templates to assist you in designing your online store; it can be used to sell both physical and digital goods; and it also includes marketing tools to assist you in marketing your site.

BigCommerce may be a good option for your new or expanding online business if you’re searching for an all-in-one e-commerce software platform.

This BigCommerce review (2021 update) will assist you in deciding whether or not to purchase BigCommerce’s ecommerce software.

Pricing for BigCommerce

The following are the four monthly price levels offered by BigCommerce:

  • $29.95 per month for BigCommerce Standard
  • $79.95 per month for BigCommerce Plus
  • $299.95 per month for BigCommerce Pro

Pricing for BigCommerce Enterprise varies depending on your business needs.

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce has become one of the fastest-growing enterprises in the e-commerce software sector since its inception in 2009.

The company claims that their e-commerce software platform is used by more than 90,000 online retailers in 65 countries as of this writing. Their clients range from small businesses starting up new internet stores to well-known brands like Toyota and Martha Stewart.

The company claims that their e-commerce software platform is used by more than 90,000 online retailers in 65 countries as of this writing. Their clients range from small businesses starting up new internet stores to well-known brands like Toyota and Martha Stewart.

BigCommerce was created by Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, and its operations in San Francisco, Austin, and Sydney assist thousands of shops around the world.

Quick Overview of BigCommerce’s Features

If you’re looking for a dependable e-commerce software solution, read this BigCommerce review to learn everything you need to know. Here’s a quick rundown of what BigCommerce has to offer:

  • Pre-built site templates that can be customised
  • SEO marketing and conversion tools built-in
  • Shipping and payment management tools
  • Uptime of 99.99 percent
  • Annual e-commerce conference
  • A single dashboard to manage product listings across your website, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, and other platforms.
  • According to data provided by Ipsos, the average growth rate of BigCommerce users is estimated to be 28 percent year over year.
  • Solution for POS (point-of-sale)
  • Solutions for B2B e-commerce

Add-ons & Integrations to Help You Sell and Market

Any e-shop can be turned into a full-fledged online store management system with this feature.

There are numerous third-party apps available that interface with BigCommerce. These add-ons raise the price of the product

The BigCommerce app section contains more than 200 add-ons.

Apps in these categories are available from BigCommerce.

  • Analytics and Reporting in Accounting and Tax
  • Catalog and Order Management for B2B Wholesalers
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Service
  • Services for data transfer and migration
  • ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning (Enterprise Resources Planning)
  • Merchandising Marketing
  • Sourcing for Mobile Payments and Security Products
  • Channels of Distribution
  • Fulfillment and shipping
  • Site Resources

Processing of Payments

Customers will have the flexibility of choice when it comes to payment methods when you use BigCommerce as your online store’s checkout app. Up to 38 payment gateways are supported by this e-commerce software.

When customers visit your store, they will have the option of paying with PayPal Express Checkout, Stripe, Google Checkout and 2Checkout among other trusted payment processors.

Options for Point of Sale

Square can also be used to collect in-store payments at your physical store’s point of sale terminal. Payments will be automatically synced in the cloud for both online and in-store transactions, saving you time and effort while optimising your payment operations.

Compliance and Security

In addition, credit card payments are supported by BigCommerce checkout. This platform complies with PCI DSS and uses 256-bit SSL encryption.

The baseline plan shares an SSL certificate, but higher plans enable dedicated encryption for your entire online store.

Templates for BigCommerce

BigCommerce has a good collection of responsive templates for you to choose from when it comes to designing your online store.

There are 12 free BigCommerce themes and roughly 150 paid BigCommerce themes to pick from, with each theme having multiple variants, so there is a lot to pick from.

Themes that are available for free

The available free themes are modern and professional in design, and they serve as a fantastic starting point for creating an online business.

However, a couple of them are strikingly similar. This is especially true of the free themes: despite the fact that there are technically 12 available, it feels as though there are only 5 themes to choose from, each with a distinct colour scheme.

This implies that, in terms of themes, BigCommerce may not offer as much bang for your buck as other platforms like Shopify (which offers 9 unique free themes with 2-3 variations each) or Squarespace (which provides around 125 bundled themes).

Themes that are available for purchase

Consider purchasing one of the paid BigCommerce themes to expand your options here. These are moderately priced, starting at $150 and rising up to $300 (sometimes, you can get a discount – I’ve seen premium themes available for $99 when they’re on sale).

However, you’ll notice that some of these are a little too similar to one other to be labelled as separate themes.

Overall, you’ll be able to build a great design for your BigCommerce business using either free or premium themes – it’d simply be nice to see the theme selection expanded.

SEO features of BigCommerce

The platform’s search engine optimization (SEO) features will be a major worry for potential BigCommerce customers.

The short explanation is that they are quite powerful.

All of the essentials are covered: changing BigCommerce page names, meta descriptions, and headers is simple.

You can easily build and alter product-specific URLs, and unlike some competitors (particularly Shopify and Squaresapce), you can use short URLs (i.e., instead of, which is usually seen to be better for SEO.

Use Live Chat Support to Engage Your Customers

BigCommerce also provides live chat assistance for all plans, which is a fantastic marketing tool.

This means that when buying online, customers will be able to contact your sales team.

Many e-commerce platforms, even those with good ratings, do not have a live chat option, putting BigCommerce ahead of the competition.

Best way to Nurture Leads through Email Marketing

BigCommerce allows online merchants to combine their businesses with strong email marketing systems such as MailChimp, HubSpot, iContact, and Constant Contact. Email marketing has become an important aspect of e-commerce. These tools can help you create intelligent customer lists.

Abandoned Cart Messages Plus: Segment Users

You’ll be able to segment email lists based on past purchases, consumer location, order amount, and other factors.

To avoid lost sales, online shops can use email broadcasting features to send customised messages, newsletters, and even cart abandonment notifications.

What E-Commerce Help and Support Is Available?

BigCommerce has outperformed most e-commerce software companies when it comes to help and support.

Aside from live chat, email, and phone assistance, the company offers a wealth of online materials to help users better understand their platform.

The company’s community forum, social media pages, YouTube channel, knowledgebase, and online resource centre all have plenty of information on the product.

Features of SEO

If you want to stand out from the crowd, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must-have for your business.

If you operate a brick-and-mortar or mobile services business, SEO can influence how easy it is for local clients to locate you.

BigCommerce provides numerous alternatives for entering field content, which has an impact on your website’s SEO rating. There are possibilities to change the URL format, information, product description, and keywords, among other things.

Shopify vs. BigCommerce

BigCommerce and Shopify are two of the most well-known e-commerce platforms. There are, however, some distinctions between the two.

Shopify has a larger theme library. On the other hand, when faced with a large number of options, some customers become overwhelmed, thus having fewer options can help you achieve your objectives faster.

Both companies provide mobile-friendly themes.

BigCommerce and Shopify both offer a selection of e-commerce company tools as well as support services in the event that something goes wrong with your online store.

Is BigCommerce the best e-commerce platform for your online shop? The following Q&A will help to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about BigCommerce (FAQ)

There are several reasons why you should select BigCommerce over competitors for your business. To begin with, the company claims to provide beautiful storefront layouts, industry-leading selling tools, and enterprise-grade site hosting and uptime.

There are numerous features included, and it is a fully scalable solution that will scale with your company’s growth. BigCommerce also features customisable themes and a variety of shipping options to ensure that your consumers have the finest alternatives for getting their goods delivered swiftly and effectively from your BigCommerce site, resulting in fewer abandoned carts.

BigCommerce’s services are appropriate for any form of e-commerce/e-retail business, including freelancers, large, mid-sized, small, and startup companies. Bigcommerce’s usability makes it an excellent fit for retailers of all levels of experience. BigCommerce offers a popular YouTube channel with tonnes of beginner-friendly video lessons.

BigCommerce is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that includes a comprehensive set of online shop administration tools (online payment methods, analytics, order fulfilment, and so on), as well as content management, hosting, and security services.

Yes, BigCommerce is PCI-compliant, which means you can trust the firm to keep your online store’s transactions safe and secure. The company proves that their servers are PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1 compliant.

If the total sales volume you processed in the previous 12 months exceeds the stated maximum of your current plan, BigCommerce will automatically upgrade you to the next plan.

Yes, indeed. BigCommerce, in fact, connects with the top payment methods available, including numerous versions of PayPal (PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal powered by Braintree, and PayPal Website Payments Pro), Cybersource,, and QuickBooks Online, to name a few.

With live chats and email support, Bigcommerce offers 24-hour phone support. Priority support is given to customers of the Enterprise plan where they have access exclusively to senior BigCommerce technical support members.

No, it’s not true. During the migration, you will be able to continue operating your online business and making sales.

Yes, there is a free 30-day trial available.

Customers can consult with professionals on a wide range of e-commerce-related topics using this service. The service is free and only offered to clients on the Enterprise plan.

The Style Editor – a built-in WYSIWYG editor for customising BigCommerce themes without coding — makes it simple to alter and customise themes. Advanced users can alter HTML and CSS to change the look of your online store.

BigCommerce, like all other e-commerce software systems, has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Shopify, Volusion, 3dcart, 1ShoppingCart, and CoreCommerce are the best BigCommerce alternatives.

Plans & Costs for BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers a variety of monthly pricing options, ranging from starter plans for startups and small businesses looking to open an online store to professional plans for established shops looking to expand online. Visit BigCommerce’s website for the most up-to-date pricing.

We hope you have received all BigCommerce-related information.


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