How to Fix Xampp Mysql Unexpected Shutdown?

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How to Fix Xampp Mysql Unexpected Shutdown?

Developers have to work on the local machine for doing the development-related work. While working if Xampp crashes, it shuts down everything, and you are Stopped from doing anything. There are various answers on the internet related to the Xampp MySQL shutdown. Many say to delete the files and restore everything from scratch but that is not good. Rather there is a very simple process to be followed.

Follow the step by step process:

i) Rename the folder MySQL/data to MySQL/data_old (you can use any name).

ii) Create a new folder MySQL/data.

iii) Copy the content that resides in MySQL/backup to the new MySQL/data folder.

iv) Copy all your database folders that are in MySQL/data_old to MySQL/data (skipping the MySQL, performance_schema, and PHPMyAdmin folders from data_old).

v) Finally copy the ibdata1 file from MySQL/data_old and replace it inside MySQL/data folder.

vi) Start MySQL from the XAMPP control panel.

And there you go!!

These simple steps will do the magic and you are again ready to do the development work.


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