Wix vs WordPress – Which is Better from Pricing, Blog, SEO in 2020?

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Wix vs WordPress – Which is Better from Pricing, Blog, SEO in 2020?

wix vs wordpress

In any competition, whether you beat the competition or not depends on your own skills and qualities, how smartly you are utilizing your resources instead of how hard you are doing it.

In any case, there are many points to decide over WordPress and Wix to answer which one is better for website and SEO.

Although, you may have read a lot about it, clearly Wix in general gets unfavorable criticism for being poor for SEO and rankings. You might think why is that the case? Wix has a terrible interface for this purpose also It looks like they just tried to sell it as an extra feature/service. On the other hand, WordPress gives you a lot of flexibility with many different freely available plugins out there.


A great deal of SEO overwhelming hitters has said something with their input, while others have pulled cites legitimately from Google about Wix’s SEO merits. Here, we’re going to spread out all that you have to think about WordPress versus Wix site design improvement and let you arrive at your own decision about which will be better for building and facilitating your site.

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A Short History of Wix’s Bad Repo

Established in 2006, Wix has a long history of being examined as terrible for SEO. Quite a bit of it had to do with the way that it once utilized (and keeps on utilizing) a great deal of Javascript, causing Wix destinations to tend towards code swell that made them wasteful. Quite a long time ago, you were unable to modify page titles or include alt labels, either, and it additionally didn’t help that their sites used to utilize Flash, which was detested for its wastefulness by numerous individuals in the tech business.

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Above all that, Wix even had an issue with pages dropping out of Google’s record as of late as 2015 — which certainly is not useful for any website.

Again, a couple of speedy perceptions appear to challenge the idea that Wix sites have more execution issues than different CMS frameworks.

Is it Really So Bad? Changes in Wix and Google in Recent Years

Today, a considerable lot of the specialized issues that tormented Wix in the past have been settled. In addition to the fact that Google is far, far superior at creeping and ordering sites than it was ten years back, yet Wix has likewise extraordinarily improved its foundation for search bot perceivability.

Wix has even made some valiant endeavors to pivot their notoriety in the SEO world through PR battles. In 2016, Wix propelled an SEO Hero challenge, where hopefuls SEO experts were welcome to attempt to outrank Wix inside a 4-month time frame for the watchword “search engine optimization saint” in Google in return for a $50,000 prize. (For the record, Paris-based SEO advisor Walid Gabteni rose as the champ.)

Also, there are a lot of wonderful sites out there that utilize Wix that appear to do fine and dandy.

For example, US model and business visionary Karlie Kloss has her site based on Wix, as does the café network Long John Silver’s, just as Almost, the famous advertisement income augmentation apparatus.

So what’s the plan? Is Wix simply the survivor of obsolete gossipy tidbits? Or then again are there main problems with Wix SEO?

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The Downsides of Wix

Believe it or not, Wix has some genuine negatives with regards to SEO, despite the entirety of the progressions that have been made over the most recent couple of years.

Javascript and Code Bloat

As I referenced, Wix depends on an overwhelming measure of Javascript for their sites. All the more unequivocally, Wix depends on client-side Javascript to show substance and connections at a large amount of time, and without the best possible Javascript coding, your site will be left without indexable substance and crawlable connections.

Or on the other hand, to place it in English: with regards to enhancing your site for SEO, Wix causes you to do a great deal of the truly difficult work yourself (as opposed to WordPress, for example, where upgrading for SEO is more easy to use).

In case you’re fabricating a Wix site and you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re doing, your site could look terrible in Google search: No CTA, no unmistakable depiction — ugh.

Considering all the things, it doesn’t need to resemble this. Be that as it may, fixing this in Wix is significantly harder than different stages — in spite of Wix’s notoriety for being easy to use (and in specific ways, it especially is), it tends to be disappointing in different manners. 

I ought to likewise make reference to that, as of this composition, Wix still doesn’t permit you to:

  • modify sanctioned labels 
  • modify item URLs 
  • modify meta depictions or page titles for item pages 
  • These downsides can be tremendous for web-based business destinations, where interesting page titles and meta depictions are fundamental. 
  • Pagespeed 

A most baffling aspect regarding code swell is that it hinders your site’s stacking time, which can both dismiss guests and damage your Google reputation.

Then again, although Wix destinations, in general, have more slow stacking occasions, singular pages will stack rapidly once you’ve entered the site, so it, in any event, has a positive to adjust the negative.

You Can’t Migrate Your Data.

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In case you’re thinking about Wix, you should remember that Wix will forever possess the rights to your site. This implies if your site ever has any obstinate issues, you won’t have the option to move your information to another CMS. On the off chance that you need to get your webpage away from Wix, you’ll need to restart with another site without any preparation.

Moreover, if you ever need to add any SEO modules to your site that are inaccessible on Wix, you’ll plum up the creek without a paddle.

On the other hand, to get rid of all these issues, WordPress is a meaningful solution for you. WordPress comes with all the difficulties solutions while looking at Wix. WordPress is an open-source platform and provides all the types of support which someone wants. It has a vast repository of plugins which can get you to every aspect of web development things and SEO related as well. Now, here we are going to look at the WordPress qualities for doing SEO :

  • Modification of robots.txt file which is the most important part of the website for SEO.
  • Schema Markup Support.
  • Wix has ‘Wix SEO Wiz’ for doing SEO while in WordPress ‘Yoast SEO WordPress plugin’. When we see both sides, the WordPress plugin gives a lot more insights in comparison to Wix.
  •  WordPress can be customized by plugins that don’t need the approval to work with the core software while Wix’s App Market is made up of approved third-party connections, Permission Issues.
  • Most important of all, one gets a cleaner code with WordPress and messy with Wix.

We hope you get the idea of what we are trying to say, be the horse of a long race. WordPress provides you the ability to stand in this competitive league while Wix pushes you back and say wait, we are still working!!

With that said, we would love to hear back your comments and feedback for our blog. If you are a business owner and need a free and no-obligation consultation, send your requests to us: support@srutatechnologies.com or Contact Us. We would be more than happy to help you out.

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