Move Your Traditional Business Online During This COVID-19 Pandemic To Continue Serving Your Clients

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Move Your Traditional Business Online During This COVID-19 Pandemic To Continue Serving Your Clients

how moving your traditional business online

How moving your traditional business online (Offline Business Online) can help you overcome the challenges you are facing due to COVID-19 Pandemic?

In light of the developments regarding COVID-19, we would like to first say that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus in the U.S. and all around the globe. With that, here we would like to highlight that businesses all around the world are majorly affected by this unprecedented Pandemic. All non-essential businesses are closed by the Federal and State Government for the safety of all and may have to stay closed for some more weeks or even months to come.

Many people have lost their jobs as the businesses which are cash reserved and can’t sustain during this difficult time may have to make some tough decisions. Unemployment may increase to the record high and we hope businesses may not have to file for bankruptcy. 

The government is coming up with required stimulus packages, but at the same time businesses may have to come up with new ideas. They may have to think from a different angle. There are many businesses that adapted new tools and technologies to overcome this situation. They are still connected with their clients remotely and providing the help they need. Their online presence is the major winner in this situation. Enabling their employees to work remotely is the key advantage they are having. 

Let’s help you identify these important steps that you can take and enable your business to compete and sustain to get through this type of disaster now and in the future as well. We also try to outline the other advantages of this transformation that bring to your business which you may not have thought about before. 

1. Creating or Improving Your Company’s Reputation

This by itself ought to be sufficient motivation to begin with. It’s a critical factor thinking that without a site, blog, social media or online presence your valued customers could start to consider how genuine you are about your business. Today, organizations are all equal and businesses are building up an effective online reputation.

Creating or Improving Your Company’s Reputation

On the other side if you don’t have an online presence, you can’t anticipate that your potential customers looking for products and services on the web could even think about you. Because of this, you will lose business to your competitors who provide similar or even worse service compared to yours but will still get initial business. In short, you have to have an online presence in light of the fact that your possibilities and clients anticipate that you should have one.  

2. All-day, Every day 365 Day Availability

While some drive-through joints, markets, and corner stores oversee 24-hour administration, it is outlandish for most organizations. That is, without the web. A key advantage to having an online business site is that your current and potential customers can find out about your products and services anytime. On customary business days or occasions. Envision what being open 3-4 times longer could accomplish for your business. 

Regardless of whether you have a conventional disconnected administration type business you can create leads and requests while you are closed and follow down with those possibilities and clients once you open the following day. Numerous individuals will need to do their exploration by the day’s end during off business hours, yet your site can work.

Think about a scenario, when returning from work potential clients either go past your business location and see the sign about your business name or saw an advertisement on a billboard and went to Google and search for your business name and location. If you don’t have your online presence to capture that potential client, you may lose that business right away and end up giving that client to your competitors. This is why 24×7 and 365 days presence is so important in today’s world.  

All-day, Every day 365 Day Availability

3. Better Customer Support with FAQs, Videos and Help

The web permits you to respond to questions, give deals, online tutorials, virtual training, and tackle client issues—all without taking any of your time. Make a video, an item spec sheet or a FAQ (often posed inquiry) segment once, and you can guide customers to that data for a considerable length of time. In addition, it saves you time, yet you’ll be offering better assistance. Your current and future customers are searching for explicit data, for example, 

  • Before they make a buying decision 
  • To take care of an issue with a current buy 
  • Looking into options before settling on purchasing options

With an online nearness, you can give them simply the data that they are searching for, and exactly when they are searching for it. This implies less calls with specialized inquiries and more actual sales. You can invest more energy taking a shot at the income-producing exercises in your business and invest less time taking care of regular client support issues. 

Better Customer Support with FAQs, Videos and Help

4. Add a Live Chat Option

You should have a live chat option available on your website where it connects potential customers to your online live chat bot initially and gives them the help they need with FAQs. If the live chat can’t handle the query, it forwards the user to the actual customer care agent. If the query leads to the actual new sale, then customer care agent can handle the sale if he/she can, otherwise forwards to your sales team or you directly on your phone(using app or phone call) to take care of the rest. 

Add a Live Chat Option

5. Low Start-up Costs with internet marketing or Digital Marketing

Beginning on the web implies low startup costs. You have no structures to develop, no vehicles to purchase and scarcely any staff to contract. Essentially assemble your site and begin selling. On the off chance that you are as of now selling disconnected, at that point the progress can be extremely smooth. You keep selling similar items that you know and have a decent stockpile of.

Putting your organization online essentially gives you another wellspring of clients. The only issue that you could have initially unless you can plan ahead is that you may not be able to fulfill the new orders that could start coming. But hey, that’s not an issue. It’s the opportunity instead. Having more business and growing your business is the ultimate goal we have in our mind, right? Basically, you are creating a whole new opportunity of your business that may not fully rely on your brick and mortar office. Any unprecedented event like what happened with COVID-19 may not affect this part of your business. 

Low Start-up Costs with internet marketing or Digital Marketing

6. The Internet Was Made for Business

The excellence of the web is that your forthcoming client(s) can truly be only a single tick away from your online store. Through the web, you would now be able to teach, educate and take care of customer’s issues. You can acknowledge requests and installments and get them legitimately to your inbox. 
You’ll need to find out about new compelling and reasonable approaches to direct people to your site; the more individuals who discover you online the more leads and deals you’ll be making. While in the past numerous individuals were reluctant to work together over the web, today it is as normal as swiping a charge card at a physical area. Even elderly customers are looking to buy online now-a-days due to one or the other reason. 

The Internet Was Made for Business

7. Live and Work from Anywhere

Recently Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are helping people to transform their traditional ways of business to Online business. This is the time to grow your business and make it unaffected during current and future breakdowns. Many businesses have been struggling and dealing with this crisis. There are multiple ways you can still serve your customers. Entrepreneurs are coming up with creative ideas.

We helped many of our clients to unlock their potential to work remotely and still operate partially or fully from their homes. This will allow you to continue your cash flow and get through this difficult time. We have experience in this field for a long time. Setup a free consultation with us with no obligation. We will understand your business operations, day to day activities, your way of business, your target customer base and can definitely find a realistic and cost-effective solution to get you and your workforce back into the business. We have worked with many tools and technologies which can get you back to your routine in a short time span and you can resume your business. As mentioned before, this can possibly create a whole new stream of revenue for your business that you may not even think of before. 

Live and Work from Anywhere

8. Lessen Operation Costs

Only one single undertaking can have a noteworthy effect in cost investment funds. For instance, getting orders online decreases the requirement for client assistance staff. With extensive deals and item data on the web, you’ll just get buy requests and installments by means of email or into your database. Staff numbers can be diminished, therefore office space and related office costs or you can still continue to have your staff to carry forward the traditional business but at the same time you can build a whole new stream of revenue and part of your business can be done with less staff required to fulfill those online orders or requests for service. At the end, your business grows without increasing your operation cost and so overall the operation cost still decreases and profit increases. 

A New deals video, direct email advertisement, online class introduction, or online support can work as your full-time sales personnel. 

Lessen Operation Costs

9. Increase your reach to the Global Market

With your physical business, you are constrained to the geographical area of people who can visit you at some random time, not to mention discover you. With a decent site, you can actually have thousands and thousands of individuals visiting your online store without a moment’s delay. Envision the potential for your organization reaching those customers and you will be able to serve them either virtually or converting them into leads and then having your sales team follow-up with them and converting them into a successful sale. Depending on the nature of your business, you can definitely increase your reach and tap into this uncovered potential target audience.

Increase your reach to the Global Market

Having the option to have a great many guests and actually having them are two distinct things. The achievement of an online business relies upon a similar thing as any disconnected business: showcasing. Figuring out how to build traffic to your blog or website, how to increase the reach, how to reach a more relevant target audience. Content showcasing is an extraordinary method to expanding traffic to your website/online store. Web-based social networking can be ground-breaking and cost-effective or even free in some cases. This could be a great approach to drive qualified leads to your website or online store. It’s important to mention here that the craft of copywriting is one of the most important abilities you can figure out how to expand deals. 

10. Increase Company Responsiveness

The web permits you to convey your proposition, buy request, request affirmation rapidly—much of the time immediately—to your customers. Online stores will process, arrange and affirm them to the customer. In the days of your, buy orders were brought in, sent or dropped off. Contingent upon the remaining burden of the business staff, it could have taken hours, or even days to process the request. With a capable online store application, you can naturally follow stock, deals numbers, exceptional requests – everything. Quicker reaction time implies more joyful customers and less authoritative work for you. 
These are probably the most impressive reasons you should take your business on the web. With all the advantages of having an online business numerous individuals are selling their conventional organizations and propelling on the web organizations for the time, area, and budgetary opportunity it offers. 
Regardless of whether you are a specialist who must be in a specific area or can transform your blocks and mortar business into an online web-based business; the web is an integral asset to arrive at more possibilities and transform them into qualified leads and clients; with a large number of the procedures being totally Automated.

Increase Company Responsiveness

With that said, we would love to hear back your comments and feedback for our blog. If you are a business owner and need a free and no-obligation consultation, send your requests to us: or call +1-215-650-3185 . We would be more than happy to help you out.

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